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Good Dental Wellness Is Vital To Achieving A Fulfilling Life

MINT Team of Doctors | 01/07/2020

The benefits of a glowing smile exceed past the crowns and gums. Find out how the connection between dental and general health affects you.


The Ways Lost Teeth Hurt Many Parts Of A Person's Oral Health

MINT Team of Doctors | 01/02/2020

If someone has missing teeth, the consequences are visually present in the smile, and their dental health commonly suffers as well.


How To Discover If Expert Teeth Whitening is Best For Your Smile

MINT Team of Doctors | 12/31/2019

Prescription-strength teeth whitening can enhance your teeth and elevate your self-esteem using innovative approaches.


Optimize Your Smile Using Invisalign Dental Alignment Therapy

MINT Team of Doctors | 11/27/2019

More and more dental patients are deciding on Invisalign over traditional braces because of their easy, basically invisible aligners.


Everyday Causes And The Most Effective Solutions For Sore Teeth And Gums

MINT Team of Doctors | 11/25/2019

Toothaches can be caused by many things, such as decay, infection, gum disease, damaged crowns, and bruxism.


Enhance The Look of Your Teeth With In-Office Whitening Sessions

MINT Team of Doctors | 11/21/2019

Great first impressions can be important. Discover how to enhance your confidence with a brighter smile.


How To Gain The Best Outcomes From Your Invisalign® Treatment

MINT Team of Doctors | 11/19/2019

Invisalign® therapy is an innovative way to improve the appearance of your smile with a more convenient system in much briefer time.


The Facts About Why Having A Tooth Removed Can Help Your Oral Health

MINT Team of Doctors | 10/24/2019

Opting to have a tooth taken out can be important in addressing many dental problems, such as infection, crowded teeth, and impaction.


The Most Effective Procedure for Brightening Your Dingy, Yellowing Teeth

MINT Team of Doctors | 10/17/2019

Explore the top ways to bleach your smile, from over-the-counter options to medical-grade at-home kits and in-office custom treatments.


Typical Causes Why People Might Develop Receding Gums and Ways To Manage It

MINT Team of Doctors | 10/10/2019

Receding gums are a prevalent oral problem that is frequently treated with SRP therapy, periodontal surgery, or gum grafts.


Gum Disease: The Core Signs Every Adult Must Know

MINT Team of Doctors | 10/03/2019

Gum disease is a well-known dental concern that could negatively impact the general health of thousands of men and women every year.


The Key Facts You Need To Know Before Getting Porcelain Dental Veneers

MINT Team of Doctors | 09/26/2019

A common aesthetic dental treatment, porcelain veneers look beautiful and can mask flaws such as cracks, stains, gaps, and much more.


Discover Tooth-Colored Fillings

MINT Team of Doctors | 09/19/2019

Composite resin, tooth-colored fillings: the latest, most advanced, and most attractive cavity treatment provides more than cosmetic perks.


Cosmetic Smile Makeovers Could Truly Boost Your General Self-Confidence

MINT Team of Doctors | 09/10/2019

Boosting Self-Confidence Is Steps Away For People Who Aren't Happy With The Appearance Of Their Teeth And Gums.


Oral Health — How It Influences Your General Health

MINT Team of Doctors | 09/08/2019

Bad oral health may influence your general health and might lead to problems with cognition, birth weight, and blood sugar.


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